Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday... Gotta Love Where-It's-At

Alrighty, so first off, on April 1st, "where it's at" will be right here on Offkey because there's a humongously awesome reveal coming.  Stay tuned, and make sure you check back on the 1st (it's not an April Fools prank, I promise! ...Or is it?  Just kidding, really, it isn't.  S'gonna be faaabulous).

On Saturday there's another great Celebrity interview coming up with the one and only Mr. Joseph Schermann - check him out on Facebook in advance!  If you didn't read last week's interview with David Andino, you can get it here.

Now, on to "Where-It's-At", which is what I'm supposed to be doing today...

Quite a controversy developing regarding the Wicked Pretty Things anthology, with a very important message from The Hollow Trilogy author Jessica Verday.

Oasis for YA has hit 300 followers and as a thank-you they're offering the chance for you to win a query letter or first chapter critique from all five of the lovely hosts.  Enter by April 1st!

Yesterday I included Nevermore by Kelly Creagh in my Need2Read list, and lo and behold, the glorious Story Siren is hosting a giveaway of the book in question!  Go and enter (the Siren does a TON of giveaways guys... you should hang out at her place).

This list cracked me up... and also sounded quite familiar....

Write Anything is looking for guest posters and two new regular columnists.  If you write, CHECK THIS OUT.

whatchYAreading, known for their book reviews that don't just summarize but discuss books they've enjoyed, has started a podcast.  I am way excited for this.

So that's the news for this week I think... remember to stop back on April 1st, and vote on the poll to your right (if you're on site, that is) about what you think the big reveal will be!

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the story siren said...

thanks so much for posting about the contest!!

jacqui said...

Good info as usual. I'm so glad you didn't write about the author meltdown on Big Al's site. I had to stop reading some of my fasvorite blogs this week thx to that.