Legacy Reviews

Miami Herald:
"Legacy follows the joys and dramas of a young girl navigating her way out of the safe harbors of childhood and into the uncertain and difficult waters of adulthood. Only Alera is a princess and heir to the throne of her homeland, so while some of her difficulties are commonplace (having to deal with amorous young boys) others are exclusively princess problems (facing the threat of an arranged political marriage). ... The first in a trilogy, Legacy is simple but effective, succeeding largely on the author's ability to craft a sympathetic and human character in Alera. ... A thoroughly entertaining read, Legacy shows a lot of promise, for Kluver and her princess."

Booklist Online:
"Alera's sensitivity and willfulness will win readers over who will sympathize as her choices dwindle. A looming war, characters with intriguingly hidden pasts, and a sad ending set things up nicely for a sequel."

Cleveland Literature Examiner:
"Anyone who says teens can't write should meet 16-year-old Cayla Kluver. ... Far from being another one of the over-wrought epic fantasy novels of most young writers, Legacy is a smoothly written, easily read piece of fiction. ... Kluver's writing is impressive, fluid and focuses heavily on social customs and deep, complex characters; the skill of the writing and the resulting story make Legacy one book that any fantasy fan should pick up at the earliest opportunity."

Curled Up With a Good Kid's Book, Five Stars:
"If you're looking for a richly painted tapestry of words, a fantasy sort of book written as if Jane Austen were still alive and had decided to write fantasies involving princesses, then you're sure to love Legacy.", Perfect 10:
"I enthusiastically encourage readers young and old alike to sample the nuanced richness of Cayla Kluver's Legacy -- it is both humbling and heartening for this reviewer to encounter tale-craft and youth blended so well in a debut novel.", Five Stars:
"This brilliant story by a young new author captured my heart and I am eager to read the tale's conclusion in the following book."

Reader Views Kids, Child's Review, Five Stars:
"Legacy by Cayla Kluver is an amazing book and I don't think I have enough adjectives to describe how much I loved it. ... You can't read it without wanting more."

BookLover (, 5.0 - The Best EVER!:
"I swear, once you start reading this book, you can't stop. It's SO good. The book ended with me wanting more! I can't wait 'til Allegiance comes out!"

ForeWord Clarion Reviews, Five Stars:
"Well-paced and well-written, Legacy has passages of idyllic prose, tensions between lovers, and a powerful narrative in the description of a tournament battle. ... But there are enough story threads left hanging to ensure that book two, Allegiance, will be a fitting sequel and to ensure Cayla Kluver's legacy as a stellar author and storyteller."

Renaissance Magazine, January/February 2009 Issue:
"With likeable characters and vivid details, this is an engrossing story for young adults. ... Kluver's grasp of language, dialogue and character development shows that she is as promising as her heroine."

Bobbi Carducci for About Families, Recommended Rating:
"Legacy is the first novel written by a talented young writer I believe will have a long writing career. ... Cayla Kluver has created a fantasy adventure story that will appeal to readers of all ages."

The Blogger Girlz (
"Not only are the characters in Legacy amazing, deeply layered, and totally relatable despite the time-period, but the language and dialogue were also beautiful and easy to understand and you as a reader were able to experience every emotion that Alera felt just as strongly as if you were feeling it yourself. I was completely engrossed in the story and the world and was on the edge of my seat more than once during some particularly intense fight scenes. I was breathless and totally caught up in Alera and Narian's passion for one another, and heartbroken whenever they were forced apart."

Chick Lit Teens (
"Legacy is a breathtakingly beautiful story about one girl's struggle to overcome the expectations of a kingdom and find her own happiness. ... Full of political struggle, duty, legends, brilliant characters, and beautiful prose, Legacy will leave readers wanting more. I look forward to reading many more gorgeous novels from Kluver."

La Femme Readers (
"First let me just say wow. I am in love with this book and with Cayla's beautiful writing. ... I am so impressed with the storyline, it kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the descriptive details which helped me imagine the life of Princess Alera. ... Legacy is a mix of King Arthur and Romeo and Juliet in a way. I honestly will say it's now on my top 5 favorite books with Twilight and The Hunger Games."

Families Matter (
"Cayla Kluver, the sixteen-year-old author of Legacy, is truly brilliant. Her eloquent dialogue and cleverly plotted tale of kings and queens, romance and deceit will keep you turning the pages and wanting more."

Brimful Curiosities (
"How truly refreshing to find a book with well-written teen characters depicted through the eyes of a teen author! Through the use of appropriate mannerisms and expressions, Kluver created endearing characters with just the right sense of naivete. ... During my teen years I tended to gravitate toward romantic suspense novelists like Eleanor Hibbert (a.k.a Victoria Holt/Jean Plaidy). I know for a fact I would have enjoyed escaping in the story of Legacy then, just as much as I enjoyed reading it now, as an adult."