Monday, October 20, 2008

News and Poll Results

Hey, everybody!

First off, I've got some exciting news -- Legacy was awarded a finalist in the USA Book News National "Best Books 2008" Awards in two categories (Fiction & Literature: Romance; and Fiction & Literature: Young Adult Fiction)! It's also as of now a bronze-medalist in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards in Young Adult fiction, but the silver and gold still have to be chosen from the finalists, so we'll see. I'm pretty thrilled with a bronze, though!

Now, onto poll results for Does Steldor have the potential to become a good man like his father?

35% Yes, his father used to be just like him
15% No -- have you met him?
50% Maybe, but I wouldn't take the chance

I'd probably have to side with that 50% myself, hehe. Anyway, next month's poll (Who should Alera end up with in the end?) is up!

Thanks a bunch for visiting -- come back soon.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Allegiance Again...

Okay, just a quick thing -- if you go to and do a search, Allegiance will come up, and it says the publication date is January 28, 2009. I'm here to officially say that is NOT correct. I don't know where they got that information, but until it is corrected, I would discourage you guys from placing preorders there (since come Jan 28th, they'll have no books to send you). I'll be back sometime this upcoming week with a real post, and I swear I'll start answering my emails soon! I'm just swamped right now -- so sorry!