Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Miracle Would Happen

Two miracles have happened.

One, I'm actually posting here again even though I've been failing to do so for about a month.

Two, I installed Internet Explorer 8 even though 7 was prettier. I resisted for as long as I could.

Now for some sad news.

One, my kitty died. His name was Clint and I loved him dearly, but he had FIP, and even though he'd astounded vets by rebounding four times, he just couldn't fight any more. I miss him. :(

Two, I think Philippa (my laptop for those who don't know) is reaching the age of retirement. She's been acting up lately and having all sorts of problems, so I'm planning on going computer shopping soon.

Let's see, what else has happened since I was last on here... oh! I totally revamped my blog layout for about the fifteenth time, but I really like it now! (That is to say it'll probably stay this way for a couple of weeks.) Still no date on Allegiance, which is frustrating to you and to me, but I hope soon I'll be able to shed some light on that for you. I'm about to think up a new poll, and my offer of posting the map of the Palace's first floor if there are over 117 votes stands. I'll probably think up something else as well because I owe it to you guys after having been gone for forever.

So.... yeah. This was a while ago, but I got to see my awesome big brother David in a show when he came through Milwaukee. The show was The Last Five Years, hence the name of this post. You should check him out. 'Cuz he's awesome. So there. Or rather, here:

David Andino!!!!

I think this post contains some of the laziest writing I've ever done in my life, but hey, who's judging? (Please don't judge me.) Anyway, I will be back, and hopefully with more frequency!

Oh wait -- I forgot to do poll results. Here they are:

Where does Narian's Allegiance lie?

8% With Hytanica, where he was born
6% With Cokyri, where he grew up
14% With whatever side gives him the best advantage
70% Wherever Alera is

Clear winner there!

Alright, NOW I can say I will be back. Adios! Love you all and happy holidays!