Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AmazonEncore -- Amazing News!!

Hi everyone:

This is the most exciting day of my life to date!

For the last few weeks, I've had to be pretty tight-lipped about everything that's been going on, but now I can say that I have signed a deal with AmazonEncore, selling the publication rights for Legacy. The new edition will be released in hardcover on August 18th, 2009!

Contract negotiations wrapped up excellently in April, thanks to Kevan Lyon, my literary agent, who is now one of the most fantastic people I know. She has already done more for me than I would ever have expected, and I often wonder how there are enough hours in the day for her to get done all that she does! I've met with the people who will be handling the book at Amazon, all of whom are geniuses; some revisions to the novel (clean up stuff mainly so it can be sleek and shiny when it's re-released in hardcover on August 18th) are being made with the help of an editor; and today, a national press release went out, which you can read here. It announces both the AmazonEncore program and my book, which they have chosen to be their launch title.

New cover art has been designed by Melcher Media, the interior layout concepts are fabulous, and I'm flying high. The new edition of the book is available for preorder on Amazon, where you can get a look at the cover, a couple of interviews with me (including a video one!), and the new prologue and first chapter. Here's the link: Legacy, AmazonEncore Edition.

I also have a new website:, which has a lot of additional and supplementary information (press and rights contacts, bio, FAQs, etc.).

It's been a fantastic ride from when I first started writing, to struggling for an agent/publisher, to self-publishing, to signing with Kevan and Encore and ending up where I am now. I am so thankful for everyone who has been there to lend a hand (or hold mine) through the process, and who bought the original edition of Legacy, which has now been pulled from the market and will never be heard from again. Sad, but ultimately a good thing! I am also, of course, immensely grateful to Encore for taking a chance on me.

Thanks so much again to all of you out there -- I'm having the time of my life, and will be sure to keep you updated!


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