Monday, October 22, 2012


Join me for the official Sacrifice blog tour, hosted by KismetBT!

The tour starts today over at YA Bibliophile, with blogger Heidi from Wisconsin, my homeland.  Following is the rest of the schedule (but links are totally not working for some reason right now, so click on the pic for the actually functional schedule):

Monday, October 22nd – YA Bibliophile
Wednesday, October 24th – Coffee Books and Me
Friday, October 26th – Harlequin

Monday, October 29th – Alexa Loves Books
Tuesday, October 30th – Book Birthday! – Faery Tale Nerd
Wednesday, October 31st – About To Read
Friday, November 2nd – Starting the next Chapter

Daily prizes will be given away, as well as one Big Prize Pack!

Thanks so much to everybody (bloggers and readers) who will be involved, and I hope to see you there!  Click on either of the above images for the official tour page at Kismet.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy October - Horror Movie Catalogue Time!

I seem to have taken a summer sabbatical from blogging, since my last post was in May and it is now October.  But I'm still alive, plugging away at my new series and looking forward to Sacrifice's release on the 30th!

Every October, it is tradition for my little sister and me to go on a horror movie binge leading up to Halloween.  This year, we started at the end of September with House at the End of the Street.  Now, I LOVE horror movies and thrillers, and in case you do too, I'm going to keep track of all the movies we're knocking out of the way this year by posting the list on my blog.  If you have recommendations, I want to hear them!!!

Horror Movie Catalogue - 2012

1. House at the End of the Street - AMAZING!  Go see it if you haven't already.  It had a little bit of a Hitchcock flavor to it and it's definitely worth a watch or two.  Or five.  Plus Jennifer Lawrence is just so darn adorable.

2. The Mothman Prophecies - I didn't realize how tense I was for this whole movie until the end when I felt like my eyes had been glued open for two hours.  I'd definitely recommend it.

3.  Alone in the Dark - Ummmm... movies based on video games rarely turn out well.  That's all I'm saying.

4.  Halloween - This movie is such a classic, but having seen it for the first time this month I was a little underwhelmed.  I dunno - what did you think?

5.  Poltergeist - I wasn't really scared during this one but it was really interesting... once it got going haha.  I distinctly recall the words, "Take your time, Spielberg," coming out of my mouth.

6.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Of course, Leatherface is based on Ed Gein, a little home-state glory there.  And the edition I got came with a blooper reel!  Though I kinda thought the bloopers were better than the movie.  Another classic that didn't really impress me that much.

7.  Pathology - There were about two scenes in this movie I liked.  Other than that, I was really angry through the whole thing.  Angry that this film exists, lol.

8.  The Haunting of Molly Hartley - I remember this movie got SLAMMED when it came out, but aside from a kind of lackluster ending, I can't tell why.  It was actually really interesting and the main character was cute and likeable.  Worth a watch, in my opinion.

9.  IT - We all know Stephen King is the master of horror, and the story of IT is terrifying.  But this movie was made during the time of campy green lights and slimy prosthetic creatures.  And really, REALLY bad hair.  That said, totally watch it.  I wasn't bored at all during it, and Tim Curry is always terrifying.

10.  Rosemary's Baby - Another classic, but this one didn't disappoint.  Again, a very likeable main character, and by the climax of the film I was so rooting for her.  Too bad Satan is her baby's father.

11.  The Tall Man - I was really unsure of this one because it looked a little stereotypical, but it actually had a really interesting twist in it.  It got a little bumpy in places but it was a totally engaging watch.

12. The Oxford Murders - They should have just let Elijah Wood have a British accent in this film.  His dialogue was written with an accent in mind and it sounds a little ridiculous sometimes.  Otherwise, this was a really interesting movie!  Not stellar, but John Hurt makes such a great grumpy old professor.

That's it for now - more to come!!  What are you watching for Halloween?

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