Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Late... Again.

You guys need to start harassing me when I'm being lazy. And I REALLY need to catch up on the Facebook fan page -- I haven't forgotten!!!! But I am trying to have book number 4 (not in the Legacy series) done by the beginning of March so I've been scrambling a bit on the home front.

Anywho, poll results for: Who is the hottest of them all?

63% Narian
13% Steldor
6% Alera
13% London
2% The High Priestess
0% Other

Narian steals the prize (again). Haha, well the goal was 117 votes and we ended up with 136 so here it is, the first floor map of the Hytanican Palace!

A new poll is up, one that has to do with Allegiance: What is London's relationship to the High Priestess? The reason I chose a question relating to the second book is that as a prize (if there are over 136 votes this month), I'm planning to post Allegiance's prologue. (As a disclaimer, I haven't cleared this with The Almighty's - meaning the people who actually know stuff - yet, but I don't expect it to be a problem.)

Now onto what I've been up to -- as I said, I'm busy writing book #4, and I've also been doing a lot of music recently with my brilliant boyfriend (but more importantly amazing friend) David. We did a show in his hometown this past weekend, for which we sang the duet When the Stars Go Blue and he accompanied me on A Change is Gonna Come. Here's a pic for you (sorry, Davey, you're hitting the wide web):

We had a really good time, and there were some other amazing performers there (ahem, Zoe!!) -- over all, it was a Saturday night well spent.

I will be back with more soon (provided you guys harass me enough)!

Love to all,