Friday, July 30, 2010

Books and an Interview

Hi all!

I've got some really cool stuff to share today. First, I did an interview with Alessandra Zengo for her blog Diario di Pensieri Persi. Ale is an amazing person who runs an exceptional blog, and I had a blast working with her. Check out the interview (and her review of Legacy!) here:

Gli Speciali

Thanks so much again to Alessandra for this opportunity!

I'm now reading Anne of Green Gables, which of course means I've finished both Treasure Island and The Haunting of Hill House, so I want to take a bit to talk about my thoughts on both books. If you've read them or plan to, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts, whether they're the same as mine or completely different!

So first, Treasure Island. I've said before that if Robert Louis Stevenson were still alive, I would want to have his babies. I'm sticking to that conviction. Treasure Island is such a classic story -- I remember watching Muppet Treasure Island when I was little (and maybe I watched it again after I finished reading the book...) -- and RLS's writing is impeccable, astounding, amazing, absolutely PERFECT. I've never felt that way about an author's writing before. I'm seriously in love with this man.

As a point of interest, I also watched the made-for-TV version of Treasure Island (starring itty-bitty Christian Bale and Charleton Heston) post-reading. The only place I've been able to find it is on YouTube, but I encourage everybody to check it out! It sticks to the book almost beat by beat. It's the most accurate film version I've ever seen.

Make sure you stick to the vids by balehead28 -- they don't skip at all.
Also, just gonna put this out there, I love Treasure Planet. Awesome movie. :P
The most recent book I read was The Haunting of Hill House. I picked that one up because my friend Annie brought over her favorite scary movie one night -- The Haunting (made in 1963 I believe; it's totally classic), which is based off the book. Anyway, I loved the movie and had heard amazing things about Shirley Jackson (who HASN'T read The Lottery?), so I proceeded to read the novel, and I loved it as well. It's a slow-build book, so there was a point about half-way through that I realized nothing had happened yet -- and I didn't care, because the writing was so beautiful and SJ's style gives you complete confidence that she knows exactly what she's doing, where she's going, and that she expects you to come along for the ride. It's an amazing experience. The Haunting of Hill House is officially one of my all-time favorite books.

Tomorrow the CSN Giveaway contest ends -- until I've posted results, people are still free to enter. I might even wait 'til the first to name the winner, to make sure everyone who wanted in has had a chance to enter their name. Anyway, I think that's about all for now, so stay cool!

Monday, July 19, 2010

CSN Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hi everyone,

I have a really unique opportunity for you guys -- I was contacted last week by the CSN promo team, and they've given me the chance to do my very first giveaway!

So here's the deal: what's being given away is a $40 gift certificate which the winner can use against a purchase on any of CSN's websites: pick anything from a table lamp to a pair of fashion boots to a set of kitchen accessories. (Certificate does not cover shipping/handling.)

To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post (on my blog, if you're reading via RSS) with your email address. To have your name entered into the pot TWICE, blog about this contest on your site, and share a link to the post in your comment.

The winner will be chosen RANDOMLY.


Be sure to leave your email address, otherwise I can't send it on to CSN Stores!

I went browsing on some of their sites (there are 200+!), and found some really cool stuff, like this accent lamp:

I would LOVE to have that in my office!!
I also found these boots, which I'm dying to own:

My older sister and I collect boots like maniacs. She has an awesome pair similar to these that she bought in London.
And then, what I'm calling The Big Bang... this absolutely toxic WRITING DESK!!!!
So, as I said earlier, comment, blog about the giveaway, and best of luck to everyone!
Thanks so much to CSN Stores for this opportunity.
(P.S. Check here for info on international shipping before you enter.)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Be Italian... (I Have That Song In My Head)

I'm pretty sure Steldor would be peeved that only one person thinks he's perfect. :P Here's how this month's Offkey Poll played out:

Do you think Steldor really loves Alera?
33% He didn't at first but he does by the end
37% Nope, he just wants the crown
27% He always has but just didn't know how to approach her in the beginning
1% Steldor is perfect

So I finished Peter Pan, and I loved it. I was also pleased to discover it's not as politically incorrect as the Disney movie!! ;) Haha, it's such a good story, and so original, and it didn't hurt that the entire time I was reading the book I was picturing Johnny Depp from Finding Neverland as its author. Now I've gone back to the love of my life, Robert Louis Stevenson -- I'm reading Treasure Island.

I'm also plugging away at an entirely new project which my mom has dubbed "The Italian Job" since I don't have a working title for it, and most of the characters' names are Italian-inspired. I'm having fun being behind the keyboard again, but that's why I've been away from Offkey and the Facebook Fan Page quite a bit. It's hard to keep up with everything! I've been doing a number of foreign interviews as well, and its been such an amazing time.

I want to quickly say thanks to you all for reading and for all the comments I got on my last post! I absolutely love to hear your opinions, so let me know what you're reading, what you're thinking, what's going on in the world, and if there's anything you think I should blog about or check out!

I'll be coming up with a new poll in mere minutes... until next time, tata!