Monday, July 5, 2010

Be Italian... (I Have That Song In My Head)

I'm pretty sure Steldor would be peeved that only one person thinks he's perfect. :P Here's how this month's Offkey Poll played out:

Do you think Steldor really loves Alera?
33% He didn't at first but he does by the end
37% Nope, he just wants the crown
27% He always has but just didn't know how to approach her in the beginning
1% Steldor is perfect

So I finished Peter Pan, and I loved it. I was also pleased to discover it's not as politically incorrect as the Disney movie!! ;) Haha, it's such a good story, and so original, and it didn't hurt that the entire time I was reading the book I was picturing Johnny Depp from Finding Neverland as its author. Now I've gone back to the love of my life, Robert Louis Stevenson -- I'm reading Treasure Island.

I'm also plugging away at an entirely new project which my mom has dubbed "The Italian Job" since I don't have a working title for it, and most of the characters' names are Italian-inspired. I'm having fun being behind the keyboard again, but that's why I've been away from Offkey and the Facebook Fan Page quite a bit. It's hard to keep up with everything! I've been doing a number of foreign interviews as well, and its been such an amazing time.

I want to quickly say thanks to you all for reading and for all the comments I got on my last post! I absolutely love to hear your opinions, so let me know what you're reading, what you're thinking, what's going on in the world, and if there's anything you think I should blog about or check out!

I'll be coming up with a new poll in mere minutes... until next time, tata!



Olivia said...

Is 'Treasure Island' good? I started reading it a long time a go with my mom, but lost interest. It always took a while for us to finish books. I am reading 'The Book Thief' about a girl in Nazi Germany. It is good. It is written differently than most of the books I read, but I like the style.

Alessandra said...

Hi Cayla,
i'm alessandra an italian readers. I'll write here to ask you if you want to answer a few questions for my blog. If you want. I have already interviewed other authors such as Julie Ann Peters and Beth fantaskey but I'd love if you accept.
What do you think?


Hi Cayla,
i'm writing my article about you and your book! ^^ Tomorrow I'll send you the question :)

have a nice week-end
Ale :)