Friday, March 4, 2011

Grammar Keels and A Christmas Carol

Hey all,

First off, I did an interview the other day with my friend Andrea, at her brand new blog "Grammar Keels".  Just to entice you, the interview is entitled I Met Her When She Had Pink Hair.

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Andrea can be credited with starting my Facebook fan page a couple of years ago, and more recently, with kicking my butt to get on Twitter.  I encourage you to check out the interview, and stay posted on what she's up to - I know she's planning some really fun stuff... such as, coming here to "Offkey" soon to answer my questions (that's right, I get to do an interview for once!!!).

Also in the near future, I'll be doing a guest post for my wonderful acquaintance E. Kristin Anderson in honor of International Women's Week; the next two installments in the blog trio about Alera: Zeit der Rache will be showing up (ZdR releases on March 10th!!!  Go here for an excerpt: Piper-Fantasy Leseprobe); and I'll be inaugurating Evy's "5 Questions For..." meme at L'Odyssée littéraire d'Evy (which will go up in English and French).

All that news aside, I finished A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  I'm not going to do a synopsis because if you don't know what A Christmas Carol is about, you need to fix this immediately, or at least rent a copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I loved the book - it was my first Dickens and once again all those years of assumptions took a beating inside my mind.  Classics are not in fact books that are impossible to understand, and that therefore everyone claims to be able to understand.  Charles Dickens is a fantastic writer.  Simple as that.

That said, my favorite version of this story is still The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Sorry, Charles.

Stay awesome!


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Kendy said...

The way C. Dickens wrote his books is just amazing. I really liked Great Expectations, you should read this classic. Hey! I also wanna congratulate you for your book LEGACY I recently read, It's just awesome, I read it in two days (just saying because I also have I life haha, but, if it was for me I would have read it in just a day) It's definately a nice story and I and looking forward to Allegiance (or, Alera, I think the name is going to be in my country, Argentina) Do you know when this second book is coming to my country?
(Sorry for my English !! Hope you could get me anyway)