Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrity Saturday: Meet Andrea

She is a good friend of mine, who sometimes hijacks my Facebook fan page (don't worry, she always says when its her!).  She started the page a couple of years back, encouraged me to get on Twitter, and has always been supportive of my writing.  She runs her own interview blog called "Grammar Keels."  I'm happy to introduce you all -- everyone, meet Andrea!

Cayla:  Hi Andrea!  Why don't you tell readers a little about yourself?

Andrea:  Well Cayla, I am a cosmetology student at The Salon Professional Academy in Ames, Iowa.  Where I will also be taking aesthetics and massage therapy.  I absolutely LOVE cats.  They are my greatest weakness.  If you have a cat you win me over automatically.  I have a very odd personality per se.  Depending on who I am with my personality is different.  Say, one group of friends my dirty minded personality shows, but with another, a sweet more conservative personality shows.  I also have a few nicknames:  Bob, Andi, Jack (also spelled Jagk), and now, thanks to Cayla, Tink.

Cayla:  What would you say you are most passionate about?

Andrea:  I am very passionate about music. It is the one thing that I have to be around constantly in order to be kept sane. Unless it is mainstream radio where you hear the same Ke$ha and Rhianna song 5 times in one hour. I dislike repetitive. I love going to shows and seeing a band perform live. There is just something about feeling the vibrations of the sound waves and the adrenaline rush that you and everyone around you has that feels so darn amazing!

Cayla:  What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Andrea:  I'm going to say my friends. The people I surround myself with made me who I am today. They formed the crazy, spunky, stubborn, sweet, compassionate girl that I am today.

Cayla:  What's the worst thing?

Andrea:  I would have to say my near death experience back in December. I had just left school and pulled out from a stop sign thinking it was clear to go. The next thing I knew there was another car in the drivers side of mine. The way my car turned out I am lucky to have walked away from that accident, let alone made it out alive. The sound of metal crunching on metal and glass shattering still rings in my ears.

Cayla:  Do you like string beans?

Andrea:  Yes in fact I do! Fresh picked ones are the best.

Cayla:  Since most of the people who come to my website are book-lovers, who are some of your favorite writers?

Andrea:  Some of my favorite writers would probably be: Melissa de la Cruz, Sarah Dessen (Lock and Key is excellent by the way. It was the first book I read by her), JK Rowling, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkein, Cayla Kluver (of course), Robin Jones Gunn, and Michael Cole.

Cayla:  On your interview blog, you say you have friends in "highly low" places. You've interviewed me; what kinds of other people do you plan to interview?

Andrea:  Well Cayla, the "Have friends in highly low places" is from a song "Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)" by Forever The Sickest Kids. Which actually goes "I've got friends in highly low places" I had that song stuck in my head while I was filling out the info section. I do plan on interviewing smaller bands, I have a few friends that are in bands that are willing to participate, authors, and whoever you throw at me. I really do appreciate the help! Especially the editing! My grammar and punctuation has never been the best.

Cayla:  What inspired you to start your interview blog?

Andrea:  Since August when a band I listen to, Hey Monday, released their EP(extended play for those who don't know) 'Beneath It All' I kind of wanted to write CD reviews. The more I sat on it the more I just didn't want to do the CD reviews. I then decided that interviews would be much better for me since I am a more Q&A sort of person. I love to ask questions! It's like I'm a very curious 5 year old.

Cayla:  We're friends - the first time I remember seeing you, you came into Mr. L's classroom and argued with him about a hall pass. Do you remember the first time you saw/encountered me?

Andrea:  I feel like I vaguely remember this situation. I did argue with Mr. L quite a bit. I was a student who liked to butt heads with teachers. Though I would say my first memory of you was when you were in a play but I don't quite remember what play. I feel like it was one where there was a dead body and Monte Carlo. I could be very wrong. I also remember seeing you walking through the wall just mesmerized by how pretty you are. It was like you were a complete mystery as well. My gosh I just sounded like a love struck teenage boy.

Cayla:  Is there anything else you'd like to say to the awesome beyond awesome readers of this blog?

Andrea:  "Well behaved women rarely make history." -Marilyn Monroe This woman inspires me!

Also, good choice in books everyone! Cayla is a great author and friend!

If you guys have any more questions for me, feel free to go to my blog "Grammar Keels" and click on the "Ask Me Anything" tab on the right side!

Thank you so much to Andrea for doing this interview - make sure you check out her blog!


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Kendy said...

Nice interview, but it was kind of weird being the other way round (cayla - Andrea, and not your friend to you ,lol) .
the last phrase leaves a lot to think about. you should put that in your facebook :P