Saturday, October 10, 2009

WQOW and Fan Art

Hi all!

I'm super excited for a number of reasons -- first, I did an interview with WQOW TV-18, which you can check out here on their website:

In Person: Cayla Kluver

Both the three minute segment that was on TV and the full half-hour interview are up. Thanks so much to Steve for conducting the interview, and to Josie (my best friend) and Mrs. White (my epically awesome English teacher) for being involved!

Second, Joanna on the Facebook Fan Page drew some BEAUTIFUL fan art for Legacy that I'm pumped to share with you. Check it out!! The first one is called "Forbidden", and the second one is "Sisters".

I just want to point out the detail on the frame behind Alera and Miranna in "Sisters". I'm so humbled by the work Joanna put into these drawings. If anyone else has fan art, please do not be shy about sharing. I would love to see what you've come up with -- it's exciting and such an honor for me.

Well, I think that's about it for now -- thanks for stopping in!



Your Stalker! (dum dum dum) said...

Those pics are really cool! Can you link them to larger versions? The size on the page isn't very big. And I gotta say that the sound quality for the WQOW interview was pretty poor. I could barely hear the interviewer. (Although it might have just been my computer...)

Tif said...

These are gorgeous pieces of art!!