Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!


I hope everybody has plans to watch scary movies and steal candy from their neighbors tonight! The Halloween round robin on the Facebook fan page was a success -- however, I am not having success posting it here. It's a pdf file so I have to put it on my website first then link to it from here, but as of right now, Network Solutions is giving me more of a trick than a treat today and won't let me edit my site. Anyway, hopefully by the end of the day this will be resolved and I can post the story as promised -- but if not, it will go up this week, and you can read what everyone came up with in the interim on the Facebook fan page by using the link in the sidebar.

My mom and my sister got in an accident last night when a ladder fell of a construction truck and hit their car, shattering the driver's window and blowing off the sideview mirror (which hit my mom in the head). Everybody's okay (except the cute little Kia... it's at the car hospital), but yesterday was a long one!!

Anyway, hopefully I'll be back today yet with the round robin. Until then, over and out!


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Steve Fisher said...

Hi Cayla, hope we resolved the issue for you and sorry to hear about the car accident. Please drop us a note at if you are still having trouble posting on your website.