Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Round Robin and Storycasting

Hi all!

First things first, we've started up a Halloween round robin over on the Facebook fan page, and I really, REALLY encourage everybody to come over and participate! For those who might not know, a round robin is a story written by lots of people, in this case five sentences at a time. It's absolutely no pressure and a ton of fun. On the 31st, the completed story will go up here on the blog for you guys to read. Check it out, and get everybody you know to chime in!!!

Second, Legacy has been added to the database on StoryCasting.com so that I and all of you can pick out your favorite actors and cast the roles how you'd like to see them in a movie version. I cast mine this morning (though I'm still thinking about quite a few of the characters), and hope you have a blast casting yours!

StoryCasting: Legacy by Cayla Kluver

That's all for now -- be back later,


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Your Stalker! (dum dum dum) said...

Yay!! It's a hundred now!! :D

(BTW: I'm way to self-conscious to add to the story, although I am following it.)