Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Book Tour, Etc.

Hi everybody,

Lots of stuff to tell you about, so I'll try to do it concisely! First things first, thank you SO much for all the votes on this month's Offkey Poll. Remember, the winning character's detail sheet from my old notebook will be posted here on the blog, and I really hope you all enjoy checking it out!

We're starting to drum up some tentative talk about a book tour, and as long as nothing's been firmed up, I thought I'd give you guys the chance to let me know where you want me to come. If you'd like to recommend a library, bookstore, or your school (I'll be doing readings, Q&As and signings all in one), just post in the comments below. OR (this would be really helpful!), ask whatever establishment you're thinking of to send an email to That way we can get talks underway, make sure they know about the book, and hopefully get some stuff set up!

On that note, there have been some changes on the publicity front -- Amazon is no longer working with WaggenerEdstrom, which means I have to say goodbye to my publicists Mariella and Natalie, whom I absolutely LOVE. Just want them to know that they've made every interview and bit of travel a pleasure, and I'm SOOOO sad to be parting ways! (This is also why, for the time being, I've reverted to the old publicity email above. I'll update when things have settled.)

I've added some stuff to the blog, which you may have noticed -- at the top, I'm putting "Quotes of the Moment", which is just a fun thing for me to do. I'm one of these people who for some reason will get a line from a movie or a quote from the president stuck in my head instead of a song, so I've provided an outlet for myself! Anyway, if any of you ever have the same problem, feel free to share your quotes of the moment here as well.

If you scroll down the sidebar, there's also now a search box so you can more easily browse through my posts (the results will show up at the top of the page so you have to scroll back up to see them, but still); and there's a link to my Facebook Fan Page, which I find I keep referencing here (I'm about to again).

People on the fan page -- you rock! People reading this who aren't a part of the fan page -- you should come on over! Everybody's welcome, and we honestly have a blast there just chatting and bouncing ideas around. The discussion tab has a place where you can ask me questions, as well as a place to talk about your favorite characters (or your least favorite ones!), thanks to Joanna. Feel free to start your own discussions too and be a part of the family. That's how I think of it, and uber thanks go to everyone who participates over there.

Now on to a sad topic: I'm a hopeless animal lover, and in doing some research today, I found out that in October 2008, my local animal shelter was forced to euthanize 112 cats and dogs. Some of them were sick or old, but most of them just couldn't find homes. Animals are innocent and loving and they need us. Please help them by adopting today!!

Thanks so much for reading,



Cassandra said...

Ooo Perhaps even better, do you think you could come talk at my college? Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Of course I'm suggesting this since I don't know of any other good place around here for you to go. (I come from a small town and don't travel much XD)

Ari said...

....taiwan? I'd figured I'd throw it out there, lol. :D

Joanna Marie said...'re welcome (about discussion topic)!! I'm glad you thought it was a good idea! LOL :-D :-D

Anonymous said...

It'd be great if you could come to Seattle. A lot of authors come to the Univeristy District Barnes and Nobles 'cause it's nice and central. However, if you want to come to my school I'm not going to say no.

Tif said...

What about St. Louis?!? You could do a local university like Saint Louis University or one of the local libraries (Saint Louis City, County, Kirkwood Public Library, etc.) . . . lots of opportunities here!!

Anyways, on another note . . . I just recently finished your book and hope to post the review in the next couple of days on my own site. I would love to know if you would be interested in a guest post, interview, etc. on my blog. If you are, please send me an email at tiftalksbooks at gmail dot com! I would love to have you!! :)

MartaPS said...

Hello!I'm Marta I'm spanish. Yesterday I finished read your book legacy I love it!!!
I'll buy the next!!
Congratulations for this fantasic book!
Thank you!
(I'm sorry if I write bad I'm in classes of english)