Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updates and Where-It's-At

The most important update of all is that a new episode of Hot British Sniper is available on the CBS website.  Watch it now, and then lets talk about how cute and awesome he is.

Moving on from celebrity crushes, I am working like CRAZY on some interview stuff and Legacy review copies are being sent out.  Bloggers and reviewers, send your emails to publicity[at] to get yours!

I'm also working toward having my new manuscript (unrelated project) done this month or the next (by June 1st at the latest), which means I am le busy!!!  I have some great people lined up for Celebrity Saturday, but I got totally sidetracked this week and its going on a momentary hiatus.  Don't worry - I'll be back on the wagon soon.

Well, that might not be true.  I'm one of these people who likes to do a million and a half things at once, then regularly freaks out about the fact that I don't have enough time to do it all, then gets bored if I cut back.  It's probably not 100% healthy.  Point being, I have more on my plate than usual these days, so if you guys would bear with me while I flounder about and blog/tweet/answer Q's inconsistently, I would really really appreciate it.  I promise I'll do something fun when it's all over.  Like post a video of me dancing to "Celebration".  Or something.

Anyway, here are some great links to check out (aside from that episode of Hot British Sniper, which you should watch NOW):

I love Birdy Books.  Just sayin'.  She's a sweetheart.  Check it out y'alls.

I had so much fun reading this list.  Also, I won a book over at Words by Webb this week.  Which I also danced about.

Totally spot-on musings about why young adult romances capture our hearts.  The comments are really interesting to read too.  Everybody has an opinion!

One of the best articles I've read in a while.  I was really sucked into this one.  Major kudos to guest poster Lily Childs.

Writers, get focused again.  I love this article.

A super interesting, fun article about linguistic uses of color, including phrases from other languages that you never saw coming.

So those are my ramblings for now.  What have you got? ;)

Talk to you soon,


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