Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need2Read 4/5/11

First off, happy birthday to my little sister Kendra!

Second, I heart Jack Bauer.  (I also heart the fact that "heart" is now included as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary, along with LOL, OMG, and other internet phrases.)  Anyway, I've been watching 24 (belatedly, being that I'm a diehard Kiefer Sutherland fan), and I'm all yippee-skippy about it.  Expect more posts about 24.  Don't worry though, I certainly haven't forgotten about Hot British Sniper.  His beautiful face will appear on this blog many, many more times.

Moving on to Need2Read...

Need2Read is a weekly meme hosted by Offkey wherein you post a list of one or more books you absolutely NEED to read. Post your list on your blog and leave a comment here so that I and other readers can find it -- or just share your Need2Reads in the comments!

Here's my list for this week, beginning with a shameless plug!

1. Legacy by Cayla Kluver

Ooooohhhh, aaaaaaahhhhh!  Look at that!  Isn't it gorgeous?  Don't chya wanna read it?  Hmmm?  (Shameless plug over.)

2. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

I just spotted this book at Borders today (unfortunately I had no money with me... now that I'm home I still don't have any money, come to think of it).  But I really want to get my hands on this one.  It sounds gothic and sweeping and wonderful.  Anyone familiar?

3. Under the Poppy by Kathe Koja

Another one I saw at Borders.  Again, pretty gothic (I assume).  I'm in a gothic mood these days (she said angstily).  I really like the sort of Merchant of Venice vibes I was getting from the description (that may be a weird connection only I made, and WOW I am in love with parentheses today).

So it's a markedly short list this week.  There are more in my Need2Read folder but most of them aren't published yet and I like to wait until they're on the shelves to list them.  All of this means that I need your recommendations, um, kind of now. ;)

Also, big kudos to Birdy Books and Carrie for adding Need2Read to their blogs.  You guys rock.

Let me hear what you're reading (or what you need to read) in the comments!


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Birdy Books said...

Love the new Legacy cover, and thanks for the shout out! Here's my need2read list:


I took your recommendation for Choker. I almost bought it the other day, but I, too, didn't have any money with me! Lol! It was probably for the best because I've buy way to many books.