Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy Hot Links, Batman

It's been a great week for Legacy - I've started using the #Legacy hashtag on Twitter (if you feel so inclined, please use it too!), there have been tons of Advanced Review Copy requests sent to Publicity[at] (yes, that is an invitation for you other reviewers and interviewers to do the same!), and some of the links I'm about to share with you have to do with the book in question.  I would like to thank my lovely blogging pals YA Bibliophile, Amaterasu Reads, and Left and Write for their contributions.

But first:  Tomorrow, April 15th, will be another great reveal day for HarlequinTEEN's edition of Legacy.  I cannot wait to share with you guys.  Stop back!

Also, the answer to a quick Q:  The scene on the cover of the HarlequinTEEN Legacy (which I referenced as being a scene in the book) is where Narian and Alera have their little rendezvous in the Palace Stables.  I believe the chapter is called "A History Lesson", for those of you who were wondering!

Moving on to Where-It's-At...

Check out Chelsea's Need2Read list, and follow this amazing girl's blog.

Guess what book Heidi picked this week!!  Bet you can't.  I bet you have no idea. ;)  Hugs, Heidi!

Whoa..... could it have happened twice in one week?  Disney, I am reconsidering your principles.  Thanks, Kai! :D  On a side note, this is a great blog for reviews and anything book-related.  Definitely check it out.

Help Kaylea Stewart, the cousin of our beloved Story Siren who has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia.  It's as simple as clicking that link.

For aspiring authors, this is a house to keep an eye on.  The Oasis crew interviews Heather Howland of Entangled Publishing.

Katie McGarry gives great, down-to-earth, emotional advise to teens.  Her debut novel, PUSHING THE LIMITS is coming out in Spring 2012 through HarlequinTEEN, and I for one am dying to read it.

Well folks, that's it for now!  Time for me to go to bed....

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