Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Teen Me!

Yeah, I know I'm technically still a teenager, but I'm also technically an adult (in the USA, anyway).  Point being, I wrote a letter to my high-school age self, and Dear Teen Me was kind enough to post it!  So check 'er out....

Dear Teen Me from Author Cayla Kluver

It's dotted (okay, smothered) with ancient pics.  So... fun! :)

Don't worry, I do remember that I owe you guys a Need2Read and a Where-It's-At.  And a Celebrity Saturday this week.  But here's the thing... I'm sheepish to say that yesterday, I screamed at a t-shirt, "I don't know what this is!!!!" and almost went to the bathroom while my sister was in the room because I forgot she was there.  No, seriously.  I'm waaaay behind on everything not deadline related.  So I humbly ask you again to bear with me.  Please? :)

I will be back in full force as soon as I have met this deadline, I promise.

Thanks for your patience!

<3 Cayla

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Jarvis said...

WHOA, you're a teen author, literally?