Monday, February 14, 2011

Blogs I'm Following

Hey guys,

I've been poking my nose out into the blogosphere a little more lately, and I wanted to let you know what sites I've found to be really fun/helpful.  I just got on Twitter (@caylakl), so you should all hop on over there and become followers if you'd like frequent, sometimes inane updates on the life of Cayla.  I'm still figuring out how the Twitterverse works as well so hints would be great!

Dear Teen Me:  Ever wonder what your favorite YA authors would say to themselves as teenagers?  This great blog gives contributing authors the chance to do just that, and gives current teens a lot of fantastic advice.  Check out the letter by Clare B. Dunkle from Feb. 9th -- one of my favs.

Oasis for YA:  "An oasis of support for YA authors."  This site was started by aspiring authors, and its full of great tips for writers, published or not, on how to stay sane through the whole writing process.  Aside from the amazing content to be found here, the bloggers at Oasis for YA are super nice to their readers!  Check it out, and you will want to hug them.

WOW! Women on Writing (The Muffin): Okay, I love this blog.  Obviously its intended target market is female, but its absolutely full of great advice for anyone and everyone involved (or wanting to be involved) in the writing/publishing industry.  And the WOW blog is called The Muffin.  Why would you NOT want to read that?  See the post, "When Did You Start Using the W-Word?" by Jodi Webb from Jan. 31st.  Great stuff.

What blogs do you follow and why?  Let me know in the comments -- I'm always looking for more great material to read.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Anonymous said...

Hey Cayla - You don't know me, your book fell into my lap when a former co-worker had a few promo copies from his new job at amazon. ANYWAY, I've been anxiously awaiting your next book (I devoured Legacy in 2 days), but have found comfort in knowing that there are other young and sassy female writers out there.

hyperboleandahalf is my fave blog, the writer Allie is HILARIOUS, and I've linked you to my favorite entry; but it's worth poking around the others. Lots of laughs guaranteed!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cayla!
I love your first book Legacy and I can't wait to read the second!
I really enjoy reading your blog, but I liked the oldest decoration! Why did you change it?