Friday, February 18, 2011

Ask Steldor Your Questions

A huge thank you to everyone who voted in last week's poll -- Which of the following Legacy characters would you interview if you had the chance?

Steldor took home the most votes -- so now it's up to you guys to conduct an interview with him.  Put your questions in the comments, or send them to  All questions will be read and considered by Steldor (or his publicity team... ahem, me), and the final interview will be posted here, at

Questions can range from the happenings in his childhood to the end of Legacy, his views on various issues, or anything at all you come up with.  (However, keep in mind that he doesn't yet know what's going to happen in Allegiance, so he won't be able to give you spoilers.)

Thanks so much for participating -- if you leave a Q in the comments, feel free to link to your blog or twitter page if you share this post (which is my way of saying, please share -- the more questions the better!)

Until then, hearts and hugs.


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