Monday, February 21, 2011

'ALERA' Pubs in Spain!!!

There it is!  Today marks the first time book 2 of the Legacy Series has ever been published.  Through all my very weird struggles to get Legacy where it needed to be, any pub date for Allegiance seemed not only distant, but like I would have needed a telephone to reach it under the best of circumstances.

HOO-RAY Spain!!

Honestly, I'm inexplicably nervous today.  People are reading it for the first time... crazy!  But mostly I'm super excited to share this book with my Spanish readers.  For release dates in other countries, please check out the "release dates" page on my website.

Another blog post is coming up soon -- a sneak peak for everyone else about what to expect in Allegiance, Alera, Alera: Zeit der Rache, or whatever the book may be called in your respective country!

Thank you all so much for reading.  Share this news with everyone you can think of -- it's such a thrilling step forward for the series!



Have you bought your copy of Alera yet?  Who will be first to finish it I wonder!!


Fabiola said...

I'm spanish and I read your books. I love it, I love Alera, Narian, Steldor ( before I hate him but now I think he's fantastic and I love him, but I love Narian more), London, Cannan... All of them. Do you know my birthday is on tenth of May? It's incredible, like Alera! Sorry if I have a grammar mistake, I don't know a lot of English... I read your first book in a day, and I read yor second book in a day too... I love your books, and I think you are the best writer in the word! I cried, laughed, dreamt with your books. I'm 13 years old, 14 in May.

sil said...

I'm Spanish too. And, actually, I'm reading Alera right now.
At first I wasn't interested on your books but, a few months ago, I started reading Legacy and... I loved it. Ok, I loved most of it, I fell in love with Steldor, so I don't like Narian that much...
I feel so exited to know Alera was published in Spain for the first time. When I finish it, I'll tell you, but I know I'll enjoy it, because you are such a great writer.
Greetings from a 17 years old spanish reader!

Anonymous said...

I am Dutch and I have a question
comes allegiance in dutch?
I hope so because I enjoyed the first part and I'm waiting for part 2 .
I found it very weathered eagle when she was marrying steldor because I thought she would marry narian. (I hope)
I also bowl a fun book and I'm very curious to part 2!
I really hope it comes for in dutch.
you book is now my favorite book. (I read lots of books)
I really hope part 2 comes in Dutch.

ps you can write very good books