Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Legacy Trilogy Blog

Hey all!

So it's still in progress, but I made a blog dedicated solely to the Legacy Trilogy - all news, updates, and information in one spot. There's a place to ask questions, and also to submit posts - fan art, fan fiction, character casting, thoughts, ideas, anything you'd like to share with the community. There have already been some questions and submissions, so head on over and join the fun!


I've also set one up for my new series, the Heirs of Chrior Trilogy. There's nothing on there right now, but that will be changing very soon!


Hugs all 'round,



Posy said...

Hi Cayla!
I really loved the Legacy Trilogy so much. The writing was so beautiful and I fell in love with so many of the characters! (Particularly Narian) I am really looking forward to your next book! I read the description on the blog and was wondering-is there anything more that you can share about it?

Alexandra Gomez said...

Hi Cayla, I'm a big fan of yours and have read the saga Legacy least the third book. The reason why is because I live in Spain and there has not yet come your book. I look forward to the third book. Greetings from Spain.

Anonymous said...

I loved the idea of Steldor's fox necklace as an herb decanter! And I was wondering if you were planning on having some paraphernalia of the books made, especially Steldor's necklace. And if not, is there anything similar to it that can be bought online perhaps? I've searched but have yet to find it. Maybe something that was the inspiration for it? Thanks, and love love loved the series! Cant wait for the next one :)

Belle Amore said...

Hi Cayla,
I really loved the Legacy Trilogy. I have to admit that I felt in love with it. But I have a question: Is there any chance book 2 and 3 is going to be translated in Dutch? I hope it's going to be soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cayla,
I loved the books, I actually cry trough some parts of it. They were so emotional and well written. But I gotta say that I was hoping Alera would end up with Steldor. I understand why Narian was your choice. But I fell in love with steldor and his personality. And in the end he still loved her. So that part was kinda depressing though you gave a hint that we was interested in another girl, but I guess I wanted more.
Anyway keep writing cause you're great.
Consider writing about steldor and his new love

Anonymous said...

Please just write another book to the legacy trilogy please I need it so bad...Im a huge fan of yours and I hope you keep doing what your doing :)

Anonymous said...

I loved these books! They were amazing! I admit aswell that I also cried in parts of it.
I was little shattered the Alera ended up with Narian I was sooo rooting for steldor.
I always wanted to be able to invision the wedding of narian and Alera and to know if the kingdom stayed standing or if the corkyi's took revenge after learning Narian lived!