Thursday, March 8, 2012

Allegiance Trailer Premier!

Check out the premier of the Allegiance video trailer - beautiful work by the Harlequin digital team!


Stay tuned for tomorrow's Kindle Touch giveaway!

<3 Cayla


Anonymous said...

I have a question
Allegiance is also in Dutch.
I hope so because I found the first great,
when there is news is it on your blog?
and I'm probably not the only Dutchman who waits!!

Dawn Harper said...

OMG~I have thoroughly enjoyed "Legacy' and just finished reading "Allegiance", like minutes ago... I'm eagerly awaiting to get "Sacrifice" in my hands come Oct. 30. I must pay you a compliment, I'm an adult in my 40's, I came to the young adult section to entice in something other than the same old mysteries & murder~who done it theme, or your hum-drum boring love stories. I came to this section of the library to escape into abit of fantasy. I received a pleasant surprise & way more than I had expected from any young adult literture. I found your writing enticing, and extremely well written that I found myself escaping into one of the best love stories, mixed with tasteful drama & action I ever read! I found myself not wanting to return to reality nor wanting to put the books down. I have enjoyed this series thus far and know I will enjoy the final of the "Legacy Series" I have laughed, cried real tears, and my heart has longed and fantasied to be embraced with one of your characters. Thank you for making such literture entertaining! I hardly ever read a book or watch a movie twice, this series I will be buying in it's entireity, and definately be reading again. My compliments to the author!!