Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Need2Read 5/24/11

Before I list my Need2Reads, I want to give you guys some news and links...

First, I went on WhatchYAreading's podcast and had a ton of fun with Caitlin and Christine.  You can listen to the whole discussion about the different types of publishing (and other random stuff) here:

WhatchYAreading Podcast: In a Niche

I've been invited back sometime around or after the release of LEGACY on June 28th, and I will definitely be taking them up on the offer!

Second, for all you bloggers and reviewers out there, LEGACY is now available on NetGalley - just click the request button, and as soon as your request is approved by my publisher, you can download an advanced reading copy to your computer.  Fabulous, right?  Here's the link:

LEGACY on NetGalley

There are more interviews coming up, so stay tuned!

Now, I spent three hours wandering around Borders today (unfortunately with empty pockets), and I made a big list of books I want to get.  Here goes nothing.

Need2Read is a weekly meme hosted by Offkey wherein you post a list of one or more books you absolutely NEED to read. Post your list on your blog and leave a comment here so that I and other readers can find it -- or just share your Need2Reads in the comments!

1. FAIL Nation

I so need this book.  I was flipping through it at the store and laughing out loud, which you fellow book people know is not a well-received activity in a bookstore.  Check out their website, www.failblog.org.

2. Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

I remember looking at this book a long time ago - I think I bought a P. D. James book instead.  Anyway, I stumbled upon it again today and now I can't figure out why I didn't buy it.  Okay, I just did a Google search and I think the first book in this series is SWEETHEART.  So actually that's the one I should get.  Just kidding!  Hehe.  Anyway, those who know me know I love a good morbid story (strange, since I write about princesses).  I think the basis of this series is a detective who is personally and professionally tormented by a female serial killer.  Sounds like a great read.  Anyone familiar?

3. Talking About Detective Fiction by P. D. James

Followers of the blog know I have mad love for this woman.  I'm super excited to learn her views and methods regarding the genre she rules.

4. The Action Bible

I was in the children's section (reading MadLibs, alright?) when I spotted this and just thought, "What a fabulous idea."  It's realistic, gripping artwork (as opposed to some of the lame cherub-style religious artwork they aim at children).  They should do this with all religious texts.  What a way to bring them alive.  They should do this with history books too.  How much fun would that be??

5. Twelve by Nick McDonell

I haven't seen the Joel Schumacher movie based on this book, but I heart me some Joel Schumacher (Lost Boys, anyone?) and I know he has a taste for things that go off the beaten path.  This book sounds controversial and interesting.  Can't wait to read it.

There's more where these came from, but I'm saving up for next week.  See you then!

<3 Cayla

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Caitlin said...

I'm excited to read Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton. And as I have the book sitting next to me, I'm going to go back to that. :)