Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Legacy for FREE!!

Hi again,

Here's the link to my guest post on the Kindle Blog: Legacy.

All this week Legacy is FREE on the Kindle -- get your copy here!

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Liz said...

Hi! I LOVE your blog :)
My name is liz and I won your book in a contest and I'm posting a review for it right now! If you want to check it out its: lizdoglover.blogspot.com

(I can't wait till Allegience comes out)
-Liz :D

Stephanie Kimbrel said...

I just got my kindle a couple weeks ago for my 24th birthday. Your book was recommended by my kindle and since it was free, I downloaded it. I realize that I might not be your target audience but I need to let you know how much I enjoyed your book! I read and read and when I was finished I was shocked to see that it was nearly 6:30 in the morning! My drowsiness and my crabbiness toward my husband today is well worth it since I was able to DEVOUR your book in one sitting.When I finished reading it, I hopped online to learn more about the sequel and the author. It was only then did I realize your youth. I am very impressed by your writing prowess! Love, love, love your book and anxiously awaiting the release of the next two! When are they being released, again...lol. --Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I downloaded your book during the free Kindle download timeframe and absolutely loved the book. I can't wait to buy the sequel!!

Naomi said...

Thank you so much for visiting my school earlier this year. I finished Legacy last week and I cannot wait for Allegiance to come out!!!