Friday, January 9, 2009

Young Voices Foundation

Hi everybody!

A few little announcements -- Legacy was recently named Book of the Month by the Young Voices Foundation! In their own words: "Young Voices Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) educational non profit dedicated to creating a life long love of the written word in young people. Each month the foundation selects one book to present to a young reader. Book selections are made based on the quality of the writing, message, and the ability to inspire, mentor and educate readers. Your book meets all the criteria."

I found this to be such a great honor and opportunity that I had to share! They're really a wonderful organization, and they host writing contests for young people if anyone out there would like to check them out. To visit their website, just use the link above!

Also, I've got results for last month's poll (Can London be trusted?).

53% Yes, he clearly cares about Hytanica
3% No, he's too mysterious
43% I'm not sure, but I like him anyway

Thanks to everyone who voted, and next month's poll (Are London and Cannan secretly good friends?) is up!

Come back and visit soon!


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Anonymous said...

You deserve the recognition. That's why I'm considering buying another of your books to share... If only I had the moneys... College is eating it all up. :(