Thursday, December 25, 2008

Renaissance Magazine

Hi everybody! Legacy was just reviewed by Renaissance Magazine (the review will be printed in their January edition), and I thought I'd share an excerpt. (FYI, Renaissance Magazine is an awesome publication for anyone interested in the time period. They do book and movie reviews and have some really awesome articles. To visit their site, click the link above.) Also, if you're looking for the prologue, here's the link again: Allegiance Prologue.

And here's the (excerpted) review...

"Legacy by Cayla Kluver revolves around a privileged princess in an imaginary medieval kingdom, but this debut novel .... addresses many real-life adolescent issues within a fictional context. With likeable characters and vivid details, this is an engrossing story for young adults.

".... Alera’s efforts to fulfill others’ expectations and create her own happiness mirror the choices that many teens face. This relativity makes her understandable to young adults, especially young women, dealing with similar issues. Kluver successfully portrays Alera’s inner turmoil while maintaining the plot’s momentum. The author also demonstrates a vibrant imagination with meticulously detailed descriptions of locations, clothing and events. ....Kluver’s grasp of language, dialogue and character development shows that she is as talented and promising as her heroine."
-- Rose Rankin, Renaissance Magazine

I'll be back in a few days to post my spring schedule, and remember, if you're interested in having me visit and/or speak at your library, school, bookstore, or other organization, just send me an email and we can figure something out!

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