Thursday, September 4, 2008

American Idols Live!!! (Among Other Things)

So, this is going to be a somewhat random post because a lot of random un-book-related things have been happening in my life lately, including... going to the American Idols Live concert in Minneapolis on August 31st!

The concert was fantastic, of course, featuring the top 10 contestants. Syesha in particular blew me away with her rendition of Listen, Michael Johns was a standout, David Archuleta was adorable and fantastic, Carly rocked, and David Cook was David Cook (which is, in my opinion, the highest form of praise that can be given :D).

But the real treat was when we showed up early to the Target Center (the venue) and caught a bunch of the Idols getting off the buses. I met and got autographs from and pictures of David Cook, David Archuleta, Jason Castro, and Kristy Lee Cook. It was ridiculously fun and amazing (they were all so nice and sweet), and, contrary to what my good friend John predicted, I didn't even faint! If I can figure out how, I'll post the picture of me and my sister with David Cook at the bottom of this entry.

So, that's about it for my life at the moment... still working on Allegiance (I'm almost done!), and I seem to have developed an addiction to the new Doctor Who series starring David Tennant (what is it with Davids, I wonder?). Anyway, it's a great tv show, so if you're looking for something to check out, I'd recommend it.

Oh, and I heard that Stephenie Meyer has decided not to finish Midnight Sun. She has good reason, I suppose, but it's still a sad day for Twilight fans across the globe. Anyway, thanks for visiting!


(And here's the pic... I'm on the left, with my hair in my face.)

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