Saturday, August 16, 2008

Very Belated Post...

Well, I have been insanely busy lately, so I apologize for taking so long to update. But there are some things coming up, so here goes!

First, book signing and discussion at Borders in Eau Claire -- August 19th, 7pm to whenever (the store closes at 10, so that's the longest it might run). I would LOVE to see anyone there who wants/is able to come. I'll be answering questions and (obviously) signing books, all in a very personal set up -- no scary tables for me! So, if you're free, you should definitely stop over.

Second order of business, I want to thank Spectrum West, in particular Kathy Stahl, for having me on the show this past Thursday. It was my first radio experience, and I can say it was a very good one! In addition, the Dunn County News put together a wonderful article to advertise the upcoming book signing, and my appreciation is inexpressible -- thanks so much!!! The Eau Claire Leader Telegram also wrote a nice blurb for the same purpose this past week, so here's to them! Thanks, everybody.

Now, poll results are in: Who is your favorite female character from Legacy?

75% Alera
0% Miranna
0% Queen Elissia
25% The High Priestess
0% Other

Thanks to everybody who voted this time around. Next month's poll (Where does Narian's true allegiance lie?) is up!

Visit again soon,


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Anonymous said...

hi Cayla!

i am sooooooo excited for allegiance. do you know when it might come out? i am dying to read it!

Courtney (Fall Creek book club)