Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Could Win a Copy of ALLEGIANCE

Hi all!  I'm done with my first semester of college and I'm home at last for Christmas break.  To commemorate this bit of awesomeness, I have news that is even more awesome.

I was invited by Asher of Paranormal Indulgence to participate in Dog-Eared & Bookmarked's 25 Days of Jubilation event.  This Friday (the 23rd), Steldor will compete with other young adult heroes/anti-heroes to be transferred from Santa's naughty list to his nice list.  Only one character will succeed, and its up to readers who that character will be.

If Steldor wins, his supporters will be entered into a pool to win a free copy of Legacy, and an advance copy of Allegiance!

Obviously, I would love for Steldor to have a shot at getting something other than coal in his stocking this year.  But more importantly, I would LOVE for one of you to receive an advance copy of Allegiance!

Watch for the link on my Twitter and Facebook on Friday the 23rd, and let's get out the vote! :)

<3 Cayla

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booklover1694 said...

Seldor all the way! Posted this on my kindle fire!!!