Sunday, May 23, 2010

German Cover + Italian Alera

Hi all,

Well, I realized when my browser no longer remembered the web address for my blog that it was probably time for an update.

First off, I got a peek at the cover for the German edition of Legacy, being published by Piper Fantasy this fall (I think... I should double check the date!!). Check it out below -- I LOVE it. I'll also be doing a podcast interview with them shortly. I'll let you know when and where to listen!

So yeah. Totally in love with that cover. "Legacy" translated to German apparently sounds terrible (hehe) so the new name is "Alera: Beloved Enemy." Anyway, next up, I just found out that my Italian publisher, Sperling, will be creating a Facebook page for Alera, and they sent me what will be her profile picture (I'll also post a link to her page as soon as I've got it).

Cool, huh? I'm super excited.

I'm working with my editor at HQTeen, Natashya, on Legacy now, and I love her to bitty bits (which is what I always say about my cat and I just realized how creepy it sounds). I also bought a hydrangea, which I have dubbed "Heidi the Hydrangea", for my completely redecorated office. (It's very zen now.)

...And that is my life. In a nutshell. So! I will be back with more updates shortly. I'll also think up a new poll question and some other cool stuff to share on here. Oh, and up top I've decided to let y'all know what I'm currently reading, so you should let me know what you're reading in the comments, or if you've read the same books!



Anonymous said...

LOVE the German Cover............

I might just learn German and order me a book for my collection

Amelia Robinson said...

Awesome covers! Glad to see an update! I was psyched!

:) Can't wait for the link to the podcast.