Monday, March 1, 2010

Allegiance Prologue + Contest!!

Well, ladies and gents, you far surpassed the goal of 137 votes on this month's Offkey Poll -- there are still a few hours remaining to cast your opinion, but as of right now, the number's 186. Thanks so much to everyone for voting!!! For this month's prize -- the Allegiance Prologue -- click the link below:

Allegiance Prologue

Hope you enjoy! :)

I'm sorry to once again disappoint -- I still don't have a release date for Allegiance. I know some of you are probably starting to doubt that it's coming out at all, but I assure you that it IS going to hit shelves. You will have it in your hands before too long, but until then, hopefully the prologue will give you something to concentrate on.

A little while ago, the lovely Joanna over at the Facebook Fan Page started a discussion about laptops. Please stop by and let us all know what the name of your laptop, desktop computer, or notebook is! (We're all a bit quirky!) I've started a raffle as well -- send an email with the name and brand/color/anything you want to include about your computer or writing device to:

If your name is randomly picked, you'll receive a return email asking for your mailing address, which will remain confidential. You'll be sent a signed copy of the original, self-published version of Legacy. There will be three winners so send your email today! (The receipt period ends March 21st at midnight.) Please let me know either here or on the fan page if there are any questions.

I think that's about it for now, except for poll results: What is London's relationship to the High Priestess?

29% They were/are in love
4% They're siblings -- London is actually the Overlord
7% London is her son
58% Something completely differend because Cayla wouldn't post a spoiler

...Or would I? :P

Haha, thanks so much for stopping by, and please join the raffle -- it's all for fun!



Joanna Marie said...


*takes deep breath in, then out*

Okay, so thanks for making the waiting five bazillion times harder!! :-D :-D :-D Well, if reading the prologue has done anything, it has inspired me to write. :-D :-P

And thanks for calling me sweet, at least I managed to deceive you... :-P LOL j/k!!! :-D :-D :-D ;-)

Chelsea said...

Okay, I officially HATE you for posting that prologue!!!!!!!!!!
*screams*deep breath*repeat*

Javi said...

hi Cayla

I'm spanish and I bought your book the release day, March 15 and I'm reading it. It's great! I have a bit of free time and I only read 100 pages, but i'm loving it!!

(sorry for my english, is TOO bad!)

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Cannot wait to read Allegiance!