Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Round Robin... Finally!

Yay!!! My website is working! I can finally give you a link to the pdf version of the Halloween Round Robin from the Facebook fan page. Thanks go to Joanna, Breezy, Melody, Sharlie, Chelsea, Cara, Alyssa, Drew, and Holly.

Halloween Round Robin 2009

Also, at long last I've thought up a "prize" for this month's Offkey Poll. Last month, there were 117 votes total, and if we exceed that number for the "Narian's allegiance" poll, I'll post the map of the first floor of the Hytanican Palace here on the blog. I have a hand-drawn, scanned-in version, as well as a wall-sized one with furniture and everything glued into the rooms and color-coordinated. (I'm a little obsessive compulsive I guess, but it was fun -- it satiated my inner interior designer!) I really hope the goal is met, but promise if it isn't that the challenge will remain open.

Some really exciting stuff is going on behind the scenes over here -- I wish I could tell you all of it! Hopefully I'll be able to soon. Just the other day I signed a whole pile of foreign contracts and they were sent out in the mail, so that was cool. Oh! I finished the rough draft of Redemption (Book 3) a few days ago and now the dreaded editing has begun. I'm actually starting to consider what I want to write next already, which is weird for me -- I've been completely immersed in Legacy world for over three years now!!

Anyway, thanks for dropping in, and I'll be back soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey Cayla :)

As an aspiring sixteen year old writer myself, I was wondering whether you could give me any tips on how to forward work to publishers and what to do from there?


Tif said...

Congrats on finishing Redemption!!!! Can't wait!!