Monday, August 17, 2009

Pub Date and The Blogger Girlz!!

Hey guys,

First of all, got to get this off of my chest...

Legacy comes out in an hour and a half!!!!!!!!

Whew. Okay.

I'm obviously extremely excited, and again SO thankful to everyone and everything that helped me get here -- I'd copy my acknowledgments from the book into this post except I can't find them. But I want to thank David and Ace from ECP right now especially. And my mom, of course. She's my everything (I was about to say she's the reason I exist, but that seemed a tad too literal...).

Now for more news, I just did an interview with The Blogger Girlz over at their blog, so here's the link:

TBG Author Interview: Cayla Kluver

Much love to the lovely hosts over there. Keep in touch!

I'll be back again,



Rebekah said...

Congratulations, Cayla !
How very exciting !
I cannot wait to read it.

Dave said...

I have seen your book and have been very intrested in it. I know you have given some interviews, however my site is a bit different than others. Instead of A blogger, our site contains myself and my wife, both 33 and our daughters Lauryn and Sami, 9 and 11. I contacted Mariella via email, but wanted to discuss with you an interview for our site as well as holding a giveaway contest. We are fairly new and have exploded in the last month. Currently, we are giving 2 books away, "Alvor" and the highly anticipated "The Maze Runner". As well we have interviews lined up with best selling authors James Dashner, Cinda Wlliams Chima, and Jeanne DuPrau (City of Ember series) as well as giveaways for contests from them. We, as a family are very interested in doing an interview with you and I assure you as I did Mariella that we do our homework first as to not duplicate the other interviews out there. Our goal is to be as close to 100% original as possible. We would be willing to bump you up to the top of the list if you are interested. Our site is:
Or, for short we say T.L.G.B.R.S.
Please let us know if you are interested as "Legacy" intrigued us because we usually review different books however, all of us were interested in reading and reviewing your book! Thank you so much and we apologize for posting this here, but besides emailing Mariella, we did not know how to contact you. Again, please accept our apologies. You can either email me at; or
Thank you and best regards,
David Lateiner
(Dad of The Lateiner Gang)

Chick Lit Teens said...

Congratulations, Cayla! What an exciting day!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Congrats Cayla!

Your book is fabulous, I enjoyed it immensely!

Dottie :)

Dave said...


I spoke to Mariella today and wanted to thank you so much for agreeing to do "yet another interview" with our site. I promise you it will be different than your previous interviews. How do I know this? Part of our interview process includes researching your previous interviews to avoid duplication of efforts. We also have a format for which we do things, that we are hoping you will like. Mariella is sending me a copy of "Legacy" so I can read it over the weekend and get the ball rolling. We changed some things around on the site as the timing is perfect for you NOW. I hope you had a chance to check out our site (and I sure hope Mariella has spoken to you and you have a clue who we are and what the heck I am doing talking about interviewing you!). I am going to post tonight and let everyone know what to expect in the upcoming few weeks with you. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Our site again is:

As well, we changed our email address to an abbreviation of the site to make it easier to contact us:

When you get a chance, if you could contact me, I'd appreciate it, as there are a few things I would like to ask you before putting together our interview questions. Thank you again and CONGRATS!

(Dad of The Lateiner Gang)

Cayla Kluver said...

Rebekah, Chick Lit Teens, and Dottie -- Thank you SO much! This is such an exciting time for me and you are all such wonderful people for stopping by to say congrats.

And Dave -- We're already in contact, but I feel the need to respond here in some way regardless. Thanks!! :)


Cougar Press said...

Cayla--I got my book in the mail today. Initial reaction: gorgeous design! Love the cover and the front and endpapers, and the blue ink enhances the book. And on top of that, it's a great and well-written book so far! I'm so excited for you!