Monday, February 2, 2009

Cayla Kluver Official

Hi all! Some mildly exciting news -- I've set up a temporary homepage for myself separate from this blog (I say temporary because I plan to get a professional site designed at some point). It's got my bio, some FAQs, information on Legacy and Allegiance and other projects in the works, and a page for writing tips, among other stuff. Check it out: Cayla Kluver Official.

Thanks for stopping by!



anniewicca said...

hey cayla you came to my school, viking middle school of baldwin wisconsin you talked to us 8th graders i gave you a pictue with the name legacy in bubble letters with eyes at the bottom. my name is annie and i have a question for you.
"being i am writing two books at once i was wondering if you have any tips on how to get them published like where to send a copy of them to get them looked over and published and stuff and i was also wondering if you could give me some tips that you didn't say in class. please and thank you
you can email me at

anniewicca said...

my name is annie i gave you the picture at viking middle school in baldwin wisconsin i am needing some pointers on witing my books. and i need pointers on where to send copies to get them looked over and published

anniewicca said...

this is annie again you can email me at