Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back Again!

Hello all! Great news -- Legacy is officially a bronze medalist in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards (for young adult fiction), and I'll be attending the awards ceremony in Denver in January. Yay! Also, in response to Cherie's comment on my latest Allegiance-related post, the official publication date for Allegiance is May 28, 2009, and the book's prologue will be posted here on my blog and on Forsooth Publishing's website in the next few weeks.

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the shortness of this post... I'm trying to think of something else to say (on that note, if anyone has any suggestions as to things they'd like me to write about, send me an email, by all means). Allegiance is in the final critiquing stage, and I've started laying out my next book and writing the first bit (sorry I can't say more about it, but I'm kind of paranoid about putting my ideas out on the web before I've slapped a copyright on them). Oh, obvious topic, we have a new President here in the US (or President-Elect as I suppose he is 'til his inauguration). I won't say who I was supporting for diplomacy's sake (can't vote yet, anyway), but I can certainly see the next few years bringing major changes to the nation.

That's about all I can think of to write about, so... until next time! And thanks for stopping by!


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