Thursday, July 24, 2008

Updates and Poll Results!

Hey everybody, sorry I'm a little late with this post! I have some exciting news...

First of all, I'm going to be featured in the upcoming issue (July 31) of Volume One, a Chippewa Valley publication. Second, I'm going to be interviewed by Spectrum West (part of Wisconsin Public Radio), which will air on August 14, I believe (I'll be double-checking on that and posting more definitely when the date nears).

ALSO, I literally just found out that something I wrote was published on Teen Ink RAW, which is an online imprint of Teen Ink Magazine. The piece is also up for consideration for their print magazine, but I'll be happy either way! If you want to read it and/or rate it (the higher the rating the more prominently featured the article), here's the link: Hope you can check it out!

Moving on, the results are in from last months poll: Who is your favorite male character from Legacy? We've got...

25% Narian
12% Steldor
50% London
12% Cannan
0% Other

Thanks to everybody who voted! Next month's poll (Who is your favorite female character from Legacy?) is already up.

And here's for newcomers... welcome, and scroll down to the July 8 post for my schedule of appearances.

I think that's all for now, so thanks again for visiting!


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